Dala Nasser.

I am interested in producing pieces that extend beyond an institutionalized vacuum..

It’s Only A Party if You Sniff It


marble dust, trauma blankets, liquid latex

220cm x 240cm

9 Questions to Dala Nasser. 

Lebanese artist, living and working in Beirut, Lebanon.


What is your art about?

My work explores an observational view on and response to circumstance and context, particularly towards the current state I have been experiencing in both artistic and political landscapes. I am interested in producing pieces that extend beyond an institutionalized vacuum, so that it exists as an element particular to their time.

Please tell us more about your working process, routine, your studio set up and the way you approach new artworks.

I have developed my own process using liquid latex as the binding core that merges to create a composite skin with the specific matter central to each piece. The works’ ideas reveal themselves in the materiality of the painting; it becomes a trace or document of the idea.

I approach my works initially with a title in mind, once I know what I want to call the piece/what it will be about, I then go about selecting the material I would use for it. I enjoy all the challenges that arise from working with atypical materials.

What is fertiliser for your work?

Anything that I feel like talking about, whatever pisses me off mostly! Something I feel like I have to bring up, so stuff I see on the news. I’ve made works about the ongoing Lebanese trash crisis, censoring of artworks, the expansion of private spaces at the expense of public environments’. Artists’ we spend tons of time going over and over our work it can get boring if you don’t feel particularly passionate or interested in discussing the subject at hand.

Who or what has recently impressed you?

The forensic architecture show at the ICA in London.

Have a beer with an artist of your choice? Whom?

Cardi B

What’s your favourite city and why?

I don’t think I have one, there’s something awesome to love in every city. Maybe right now I’d say London because I’ve got lots of sentimental memories of my time living there.

What’s your favourite restaurant and why?

Any restaurant that serves Ramen!

What would you do with five euro found in the streets?

I’m superstitious I’d probably leave it and walk away.

Do you have any dream projects in mind that you would like to do in the future? 

Lots, I’m very ambitious, but for now I’ll say I’d love to see my work next to the works of artists I respect like David Hammons and Klara Liden.

No Intentions


hessian, liquid latex, brick pigment, charcoal, acrylic, rabbit skin glue

100cm x 125cm

David Adjaye’s Trash


garbage, liquid latex, brick pigment, charcoal, tarpaulin

195cm x 177cm


Is this Illegal?


charcoal, flags, liquid latex

165cm x 260cm


All images © Photo credits: courtesy of the artist, copyright Ayla Hibri, photos by Ayla Hibri

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