Ryan Nord Kitchen

Influenced by aurora borealis.

“Little Moon over Greenmount”, 2015, oil on linen, 10 x 9 x 3/4 inches

6 Questions to Ryan Nord Kitchen

American artist, living and working in Baltimore.

What did you have for breakfast today?

Oatmeal and a cup of green tea.

What is fertiliser for your work?

My work is often inspired by time spent with my partner in gardens and arboreta.

Which place is missing you?

Growing up in Minnesota I spent time near the Canadian border.  I’d like to return there someday, and make paintings of the landscape.  Seeing the aurora borealis has had a lasting effect on me.

Have a beer with an artist of your choice? Whom?

I’d like to spend time at Helen Frankenthaler’s in the 1960’s.  Maybe give a nod to Motherwell sitting at his desk in the other room.

What are you doing on sundays at 3pm?

Enjoying the weather.

Mustard or honey?


“Sunset View”, 2015, oil on linen, 15 x 12 x 3/4 inches

“March Moonlight”, 2015, oil on linen, 12 x 15 x 3/4 inches

“Night Time” oil on linen, 2015, 15 x 12 x 3/4 inches

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