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6 Questions to Steven Cox

Scottish artist, living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland.

What did you have for breakfast today?

I am not a breakfast person, a few cups of coffee in the morning sets me up for the day just fine.

What is fertiliser for your work?

Dirty walls, grime, torn posters, erosion, found colours and weather. I find going for walks and cycles the most interesting thing to do, there is so much out there to see and such discoveries provide ideas for myself to work from.

Which place is missing you?

Paris. I have an upcoming Duo exhibition titled A Moveable Feast opening at Galerie Jerome Pauchant on the 7th January, so I truly look forward to returning to Paris for this occasion.

I think Paris is a fantastic city. Great people, brilliant food & wine also incredible museums and galleries. What is there not to miss?

Have a beer with an artist of your choice? Whom?

It would be incredible to have a beer with Pierre Soulages, though I guess he would prefer wine. Either way, I can’t speak French so conversation would be minimal. We could play Pictionary instead.

What are you doing on sundays at 3pm?

Sunday’s are unpredictable and tend to be different every week. It can consist of me visiting friends in another city, being in the studio painting or writing at home.

Mustard or honey?


Yellow Pages, 2015, 180 x 130 cm, oil and spray paint on canvas

Hot Sauce, 2015, 150 x 110 cm, oil and spray paint on canvas

Don’t Play No Games I Can’t Win, 2015, 180 x 130 cm, oil and spray paint on canvas

Black River, 2015, 100 x 80 cm, oil and spray paint on canvas

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